Betty Anne Guadalupe and Tierney Davis Hogan have collaborated on several art quilts in the Improvisational Textiles collection.

Their collaboration spans across generations, backgrounds, and cultures.tierney-and-betty-anne-twigs-show.jpg

They each come from different perspectives and bring those perspectives into their collaborative work.

The birth of their first collaboration was for a show that they conceptualized: art quilts from recycled silk couture fabric samples. They then invited other art quilters to join in this challenge of creating art quilts from recycled silks and this became Quilting Meets Couture. This matured into Betty Anne and Tierney’s current collaborative collection, The Wardrobe Meets the Wall, collection of art quilts made from recycled garments and garment manufacturing samples.

Samples of their collaborative works (designed & pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan; and quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe):

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