Recycled Windows

Tierney Davis Hogan’s art quilt from recycled textiles, Recycled Windows (2017), has been added to the Improvisational Textiles collection.


18” W x 39″ L, recycled clothing, recycled denim, and recycled home decorating fabric

Designed, pieced and quilted by Tierney Davis Hogan


If you peek inside the window to my creative heart you will see it filled with a desire to reuse, repurpose, and reimagine materials which otherwise would have been discarded. Part of my Recycled Denim Stories Series, this piece blends a corduroy shirt and pants, denim jeans, sweat pants, a tweed jumper, an old curtain, and home decorating fabric sample scraps into an assemblage of window-like structures.

Images of Art Quilt Detail:



This piece is part of Tierney’s Recycled Denim Stories series. You can view the other pieces in the series on the Tierney Davis Hogan page.  You can also read the about the development on this piece on Tierney’s blog, tierneycreates.


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