Improvisational Medallion Quilt

Several years ago Betty Anne Guadalupe started piecing a house block from her fabric scrap pile. It became the center block for an improvisational medallion quilt. Over several years she has built from her fabric scraps and the fabric scraps from other quilts the surrounding layers of her medallion.


If you are not familiar with “Medallion Quilts” has a wonderful overview of medallion quilts in their post: What Is a Medallion Quilt? How Are the Quilts Designed?

According to

“Medallion quilt layouts have a central area that often dominates the overall design. Other design elements are sewn around the center, increasing the quilt’s size as new ‘rows’ are added around the center.”

Betty Anne is still “designing elements to be sewn around the center” and building her medallion. She is slowly working on this piece as improvisational inspiration visits.

We will update you on the progress in a future post.

6 thoughts on “Improvisational Medallion Quilt

  1. knitnkwilt says:

    One thing I love about a medallion quilt is that you can add as many borders as you wish. I love the colors on this one and how the square center block was made rectangular–a more useful dimension.

    Liked by 1 person

    • tierneycreates says:

      Thanks so much Linda for reading and commenting. You should see it in person, I (Tierney) keep hoping that Betty Anne just wants to give it to me as a gift when it is all done – ha! 🙂


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