The Recycled Road added to the Collection

Tierney Davis Hogan’s latest art quilt, The Recycled Road, has been added to The Wardrobe Meets the Wall collection, a collection of art quilts made from recycled clothing.



18″ W x 40″ L  recycled denim, corduroy, cotton jersey, wool and rayon.

Designed, pieced and hand quilted by Tierney Davis Hogan


Inspired by the theme of “Pathways” for the 2017 Central Oregon SAQA group annual art quilt exhibit, the story of this art quilt from recycled denim and recycled clothing is the story of the many roads traveled by the creative spirit.

The road in this quilt represents one of many roads traveled by our creative spirit. The “pathway” starts at the orange corduroy boundary between the multicolor “road” and the plain gray “road”; and continues beyond the top edge of the quilt. It has no boundaries beyond the limits we set on our own imagination.

Using improvisational piecing techniques, this piece is created exclusively from recycled materials (denim jeans, corduroy shirt, corduroy pants, tweed jumper, sweat pants, curtains and home decor fabric scraps. Seeking a bit of adventure in working with recycled clothing, I used an old pair of faded and threadbare gray sweat pants to create the edges of the road. I hand quilted the piece to give it an organic feel. Hand quilting the recycled fabrics was an unique multilayered and meditative tactile experience.

Most of the fabrics were not reusable as clothing or home decor and were destined to end up in a landfill. Reimagining recycled clothing and other materials into art quilts satisfies my desire to honor the environment and make art that is eco-conscious. Ending up in an art quilt is a better outcome than ending up in a landfill!

In addition to the The Wardrobe Meets the Wall collection page, you can also find this quilt in the Tierney’s Textile Art page.

7 thoughts on “The Recycled Road added to the Collection

    • tierneycreates says:

      Thanks! Now don’t let fear hold you back! I totally understand the feeling though because I was completely intimidated by our central Oregon soccer group and all the national and internationally known art quilters that are in it, and I am a mere mortal. But they are all down to earth and I want to hide from them and been inspired 😀


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