Jiko’s Secret Robe (2015) Added to the Improvisational Textiles Collection

Tierney Davis Hogan’s piece, inspired by the Deschutes Public Library’s 2015 A Novel Idea book – A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki’s, has been added to the Improvisational Textiles Collection.

ani_art Deschutes Public Library, in Central Oregon, selects on an annual “community read” novel and invites the entire Central Oregon community to read the selected novel, attend discussions and special events including art shows inspired by the book.

The annual A Novel Idea program concludes with an evening talk (usually sold out) by the author at a community venue. It is like a community-wide “book club”.

In 2015, Tierney participated in the annual juried A Novel Idea Art Show held at the Downtown Branch of the Deschutes Public Library. She was quite excited when her piece, Jiko’s Secret Robe, the only textile art shown at the Downtown Library, was selected to be in the show.

Here are the details on this piece and her Artist Statement:

Jiko’s Secret Robe

17.25” W x 40.25” L, kimono panel, cotton fabric

Designed, pieced and quilted by Tierney Davis Hogan

This piece was inspired by Ruth Ozeki’s Novel – A Tale for the Time Being.

In the novel, the protagonist Nao’s great grandmother, Jiko, is a humble and wise 100+ year old Buddhist nun who wears simple robes and lives a simple life. Jiko however carries in her being – powerful history, mysteries, and depths of understanding of her place in the universe.

Inspired by a printed kimono panel, this piece represents Jiko’s “secret robe” – a robe not visible to the eye but visible to the soul. It represents the complexity, turmoil and beauty of her spirit, her experience, her wisdom and her great compassion for all beings and the earth upon which they dwell.

This piece is now added to the Art Quilts > Tierney’s Textile Art section of the Improvisational Textiles website.

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