Quilting the Improvisations, Part II

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Quilting the Improvisations, Betty Anne Guadalupe is working on quilting a series of her older improvisational quilt tops.

Today we feature a quilt she created many years ago while taking first a class on “Seminole Piecing” and then class on Appliqué; and completed quilting earlier this week.

Betty Anne shared that much to her quilting class instructor’s surprise, she combined piecing techniques from her prior and current class to create this improvisational quilt (Betty Anne has always been a rebel when it comes to traditional quilt design rules!)

Betty Anne has titled the piece – FINISH! (Of course we think she needs to put the binding on before she is officially “finished” – ha!)


Finish! (2016) by Betty Anne Guadalupe. Photographed by the artist.

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