Quilting the Improvisations

In addition to being an improvisational textile artist, Betty Anne Guadalupe is a long-arm quilter. As a long-arm quilter it seems she spends most of her time on customer quilts. However, during the recent holiday weekend, Betty Anne worked on quilting her own improvisational quilts!

The next several posts will feature her recently completed projects.

New Years 2017

The first piece featured from her holiday weekend/week of quilting her own project is a 34″ x 45″ piece titled: New Years 2017.
Here is what Betty Anne has to say about this piece:
I love the color play. I am naming this piece: ‘New Years 2017’ (although the top was completed in 2014).
It makes me feel so grateful to be alive.
Lots of good things coming for 2017.

New Years 2017 by Betty Anne Guadalupe. Photographed by the artist.

 The bright and vibrant palette does seem to evoke a sense of joyous anticipation!

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