Improv with Snoopy

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While Tierney was over Betty Anne’s house on Saturday, Betty Anne shared a new improvisational quilt she is putting the binding on.

Betty Anne has been working through her stash of interesting fabrics and found some old Snoopy Peanuts Fall Frolic fabric (Snoopy playing/dancing in Autumn leaves) and created an improvisational pieced Snoopy quilt.


The fabric surrounding each “fussy cut” Snoopy square is from her collection of fabric scraps from her own stash and those donated/shared by other quilters. The pinwheels in the quilt were pieced from other quilters donated triangle discards! Betty Anne pieced them into pinwheels to work into the quilt.


Betty Anne is in the process of sewing down the binding.

Below is another recent improvisational quilt by Betty Anne in which she used previously pieced blocks from her “Parts Department”, blocks donated by other quilters, and various fabric scraps from her collection:


Improvisational piecing by Betty Anne Guadalupe


Nothing gets wasted in a Betty Anne improvisational design!

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