Improvisational Textiles

The Wardrobe Meets the Wall is now Improvisational Textiles. All posts from The Wardrobe Meets the Wall blog have been transferred to Improvisational Textiles.

In the post No Limits, No Boundaries, we shared our decision to enlarge the scope of our collaboration.

We  have enjoyed focusing on art quilts with recycled garment making materials and recycled clothing, however we not want their collaboration to be limited to just those mediums.

The original plan was to expand/evolve the The Wardrobe Meets the Wall into Art Quilts by Guadalupe & Hogan. The name seemed cumbersome and did not translate well for a website URL. After much thought, we decided on Improvisational Textiles.

The definition of “improvisational” at defines the essence of our art quilt collection:

 Composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation…unexpected and amazing

In keeping with our desire not to limit our creativity, our collection may also contain traditional style quilts in homage to the legacy of those who took fabric and made it into something comforting, warm and magical.

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