In the post “Palette of Jeans” selected for Abstract Art Quilt Book  we announced that Betty Anne Guadalupe’s art quilt made from recycled jeans was selected to be in the book Art Quilt Inspirations: Abstracts to be published by Interweave in Spring 2016. Unfortunately the book’s editor/author had some challenges with the publisher and the book was put on hold.

Recently, Betty Anne was notified that “Palette of Jeans” will be featured in Martha Sielman’s upcoming book International Art Quilts: Abstracts and Geometrics, which will be published by Schiffer Publishing in fall 2016.

We are very excited and cannot wait to get a copy of the book and see it in print!

Palette of Jeans. Designed and quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe. Photographed by Paige Vitek.

Palette of Jeans. Designed and pieced by Betty Anne Guadalupe. Quilted by Kathy Martin. Photographed by Paige Vitek.

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