In Progress: Lulu’s Muumuu

Betty Anne Guadalupe is working on a cool new piece for The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection: Lulu’s Muumuu.

It is a free piecing log cabin style quilt and features as “setting blocks” an ENTIRE red Muumuu that Betty Anne acquired from a thrift store. She had to use every usable piece of the Muumuu to complete the piece and had to even clean the lint (and maybe gum/residue) out of the pockets of the MuMu so she could use the pockets!

The center of the log cabin style blocks are from her collection of authentic Hawaiian fabrics.

(In case you never heard of a Muumuu, or “MuMu”, it is a loose dress of Hawaiian origin. They are usually brilliantly colored and floral and are usually associated with someone who wants something very unstructured and easy to wear.)

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